The Coworking Space at the Spazio Reale Foundation is in Via di San Donnino 4/6, 50013, Campi Bisenzio (near Florence).
The Foundation promotes ways and means of coworking, of co-creation, and for professional collaboration.
It is a system and structure where physical space, equipment, information systems, support services and other resources are shared and made accessible to users.
It promotes and implements innovative projects that support teamwork and cooperation between people with differing professional skills and experiences.
Contact us by emailing or call +39 055899131, for more information.

These are some of the spaces we offer for coworking


Technical equipment available:

• 20 work tables
• 12 x fixed tablet workstations
• 1 x multiscreen PC available for use
• 2 x multi-touch tables
• 1 x fixed PC workstation
• option for tablet hire (up to 30 tablets at the same time)
• Digital project presentation area (15 seats)
• option to connect up to 6 landlines• use of dedicated document lockers• option for streaming links


Meeting room available for business meetings and board meetings.

Technical equipment available:

• 20 seats
• option for tablet hire (up to 30 tablets at the same time)
• 40" TV with optional connection to PC or tablet
• 1 x landline connection
• 1 x mobile flipchart

Expertise available:

Dr. Olivia Salimbeni, PhD: handles planning and coordination of training activities. Lead Auditor Quality Management System 9001:2008. European Project.
Dr. Alexandra Storari: consulting, design, management, and training in EU sector and structural funds.
Dr. Danila Poggi: consultant and lecturer on the subject of safety in the workplace (Italian Legislative Decree 81/2008), consultant on quality management systems (ISO 9001:2008), and privacy management (Legislative Decree 196/2003). He performs the duties of outdoor Health & Safety Officer, and those of Design Phase Safety Coordinator and Work-site Health & Safety at temporary and mobile work-sites.
Gianni Bettini: consultant and trainer in industry subjects (quality, maintenance, logistics, production management). Provides industry-related advice on: regulated management systems (quality, safety, environment), asset management, logistics and production.
Dr. Luisa Galbiati: Strategy and operational development of marketing projects, and B2C and B2B communication. Temporary manager and consultancy: strategic planning, business plans, service design, budget and management control, organizational models, and training.
Dr. Massimo De Micco: Expert in conducting group and individual interviews. Lecturer in the psycho-pedagogical and social fields.

Other services:

• Free Wi-Fi
• Relaxation Area
• Optional printing facilities
• Parking
• Dining area

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