About us

The Spazio Reale Social Cohesion Conference Centre ("Centro Polifunzionale di Coesione Sociale") began in 1995, from an idea by Don Giovanni Momigli, pastor of St. Donnino in Campi Bisenzio (near Florence), in an area colloquially known as the "periphery of the periphery" and known for strong social conflicts.
Spazio Reale started as a place for regular meetings and exchanges of experiences, skills, cultures, faiths, different inspirations and as a resource for the entire community, which has always lacked meeting places, providing training opportunities and social gatherings, cultural events, and leisure facilities.

The Centre has been run, since 2009, by the Spazio Reale Impresa Sociale foundation, a nonprofit organization, which aims to promote and organize socio-cultural, educational and training, recreational, and sports activities.
This is a "common space", open to all, where you can interact through new digital technologies; a place you choose to attend, not just for the space, facilities and equipment available, but for its values, the educational choices on offer, and the many opportunities to meet on offer.

The Foundation handles production and exchange of goods and services of social value in the following sectors: education and training; provision of cultural services; sports facilities; organization of events, conventions and shows; organization of trade fairs and exhibition displays; social tourism; hospitality; social assistance, reception, and integration; audio/video and equipment hire for events.

Spazio Reale is accredited by the Region of Tuscany, and the Italian Ministry of Education, Universities, and Research for professional company and teacher training.
Spazio Reale is a "digital knowledge citadel". In particular, it is: a centre for study, research, and promoting social activities; a training centre; an orientation centre; a PAAS and TRIO accredited site; patronage services; reception area, and guest quarters for Italian and foreign students; a central office for co-working; classroom; conference centre; events centre; sports and recreation centre, as well as a bar and restaurant.
Spazio Reale is the most flexible and dynamic multi-purpose conference centre in the north-west area of Florence, equipped to host conferences and events at national and international levels.